BOX US is a show smoothly unpacked with the help of the famous American clown Jango Edwards

The genesis of a show which is having a shot on stage (or even several)

Lizzy :
« Jango, you put all these closed boxes around me and you told me … »
« I told you open these boxes and tell the story ! »
Lizzy :
« And than you added some surprise boxes »
Jango :
« I call this gags »
Lizzy :
« So this will be funny, won’t it ? »
Jango :
« We’ll see »

And now we will ask Jango to present Lizzy
Jango :
« This is a pleasure to present
not a woman, but a symbol
of love, life and lips.
Let me introduce you now
the one, the only,
she’s never lonely,
Miss Lizzy Diamond »