To be half Elisabeth and half Lizzy

disadvantage :
not always easy
advantage :
never lonely

Let’s discover Elisabeth.
Elisabeth Damian was born on October 17th 1961 in Linz, Austria. She is the of Patrick’s, Thomas’ and Marjolaine’s mummy.
For more than 20 years, Elisabeth has been living in Avignon, the City of the popes and of the International Theater Festival. There she discovers what it means ‘being on stage’ under the direction of André Benedetto (creator of the Avignon festival off).
She studies the Theater of the Oppressed which gives her the possibility to with empathy into the limelight what’s going on around her. The issues are delicate (violence, suicide, harassment) but provide many rich human encounters.
Nowadays, she works in forum theater with the members of the French theater company « La Compagnie des Autres », chosing the issues and working them out.
On stage she is the joker.
She proposes workshops, but above all, she supports a group of people who are also searching for themselves : the company TÉKITOA. They are half human beings, half clowns. When they are clowns, they are part of the Lizzy gang.
When Elisabeth Damian is Lizzy, she proposes 2 shows : BOX US and PAS TOUCH’, which is the version for children. A new show is under construction.